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Local School System


We were contacted by a growing local school system to discuss, design, and install various solutions to improve not only the convenience of their sports programs, but also improve the safety of the students and faculty. The goal was to provide up to date solutions that not only met their needs now but well into the future, all in a cost-effective manner.

Local School System

Primary Issues to Resolve

  • Update an Outdated PA System – One of the many disciplines we are adept at is public address systems. Their current system was aging, spotty and didn’t provide the coverage needed for staff and student safety.

    SOLUTION - VCT conducted a site survey, evaluated the schools' future needs, and designed a system that is user friendly, functional, and forward-looking. With a mix of Bogen and Axis products, a solution was designed to provide improved communication, increased safety, and an enhanced learning environment. It now can deliver clear concise messages, alert the school of emergencies, and support the educational activities of the school.

  • Fiber Installation/WAPs – Another discipline we are adept at is installing fiber. The district wanted to have wireless access points installed at their press box, concession stand and wellness center.

    SOLUTION - VCT performed a site survey, worked with the district on a solution and then installed single-mode fiber to their football field press box, then from the press box to the concession stand (aerial) and finally from the concession stand to their wellness center. We provided Cat6 cable and an enclosed rack at each location for the needed WAPs. We then installed WAPs at each site. We recently asked their technology team for feedback after the completion of the football season, and we were told there was not one complaint, and the system ran perfectly.

  • Video Surveillance Solution – In addition to the PA System and the Fiber and WAP installation, this district also engaged us to survey the current video surveillance system at both of their middle schools.

    SOLUTION - After a thorough walkthrough of each of the buildings and consulting with their technology and administrative staff, it was decided to reuse/reposition or relocate 45 cameras, replace 9 cameras, and install 42 new cameras between the 2 buildings. The decision to provide the solution in this manner was based upon not only the coverage needs in the buildings but also the financial needs of the district. We jointly decided if we could reuse some of the cameras, it would save a substantial amount of money and still provide the coverage needed.


The district was and is pleased with our work and especially the expertise with which each solution was designed and implemented. They have verbally told us more than once how effective our solutions were and how easy it is to work with us. In all our engagements, VCT is diligent in our processes to first listen to our clients; to understand their needs, challenges, and desires. We then thoroughly evaluate their environment and design a solution unique to them. We are a Total Solutions Provider dedicated to improving our clients’ technology infrastructure while providing personal service…all at a competitive price.

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