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VoIP Cloud Phone Systems

It may be time to make the move from your traditional phone systems.

Businesses are moving their business phone systems to the cloud now, more than ever before. With your new VoIP system securely in the cloud, there is no longer a need to worry about your communication infrastructure keeping up with the needs of your business.

  VoIP Cloud Phone Systems

Modern business communication demands a host of products and services, from desktop and mobile phones to email, instant messaging, voicemail, and conferencing. The Vision VoIP cloud phone solutions integrates them all together in an easy-to-use system that will provide your company with effective communications and many more added benefits.

The mobility of the Vision VoIP solutions provides you the freedom to work on anything from anywhere while still providing the security and dependability that you expect.

VoIP Service Features

VoIP Service Features:

  • Unlimited Calling: Using VCT VoIP cloud business phone service substantially reduces your phone bills.
  • Call Waiting, Transfers and Park: Allow callers to reach you even when you are on another call, transfer a call with an announcement (warm transfer) or directly to another extension (cold transfer) or "park" a call in the cloud so another employee can pick it up.
  • Group Call Pickup: Group Pickup (or Group Call Pickup) lets employees answer incoming calls for other group members.
  • Voicemail to Email: Voicemail-to-email is great way to save time and be more responsive to your clients. Your voicemails are delivered right to your email box as audio files so you can listen to them right away.
VoIP Services Benefits

VoIP Service Benefits:

  • Mobility: Your team can access the cloud phone network from any device. This also means that they can access their calls remotely - from a home office or when traveling on a business trip.
  • Scalability: With cloud technologies, adding phone lines, extensions, features and more is less complicated than traditional fixed line business phone systems. You can easily scale the number of lines or phone numbers at will so that you are not paying for more than you need at any given time.
  • Security: Choosing a VoIP cloud system from VCT gives you and your business more security than a traditional phone system can. Cloud phone services utilize a number of security measures like data encryption, network security, secure voice and video, HIPAA-compliance measures, and more.


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