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What is access control and how does it work?

The term Access Control is simply an electronic means of restricting access to a building, item or designated area, such as a data center or records room. It may include doors into a building, access to certain areas within a building, or even access to outside gates.

For example, your business may require a restricted room to store confidential records and it may be necessary to limit access to that room to only certain employees during a predetermined time of day. An Access Control System will allow your business to limit access to the room, to only the employees deemed necessary. Access control has many advantages over traditional keyed entry. For example, an employee with a key needs access to your inventory during the course of business, what is stopping them from gaining access after-hours or on the weekend?

A contracted cleaning crew is scheduled to clean your office on Saturdays between 8-11. What is to stop them from arriving at any time? Access control will resolve these issues by restricting or allowing access, based on person or time of day.

Does Vision have access control systems that are network based?

Yes, we do. As a networking company, we strive to put everything on the network. This reduces management overhead, cost and separate infrastructure. However, not all business and applications are the same. We have a range of solutions to fit your needs, on or off the network.

Benefits of Access Control Systems:

  • No More Lost Keys - When an employee quits, and fails to return his or her company keys, the business is stuck with the expense of making new keys and possibly even changing the locks. The same would apply when an employee loses his or her company keys. However, with an Access Control System, your business can simply remove the employee's access card from the system and issue a new card when necessary.

  • Know Who's Coming and Going - Many businesses have merchandise and other property with a street value. It's certainly unfortunate to learn someone you've given access to is stealing from your business from within. For example, laboratories, doctor offices, clinics, pharmacies and any business or organization with pharmaceutical drugs on-hand, are at risk of having property stolen every day. But an Access Control System keeps track of who's coming and who's going, logging every entry and exit of each individual. With an Access Control System, a business is able to track who comes and goes and what time they arrive and leave.

  • No Undetected Strangers - If a business is large with a lot of employees, it can be difficult for everyone to know who an employee is and who is not. An Access Control System helps prevent strangers from slipping in undetected.

  • Reduce Chaos of After-hour Shifts - If a business has multiple shifts with large groups of employees coming and going at odd hours, an Access Control System can help organize the chaos and restrict access to areas.


  • Secure Sensitive Information - Perhaps your business holds trade secrets or sensitive information and you need to make sure only employees with the right clearance level have access to the area it is held. An Access Control System allows your business to limit the access to certain areas. Any business with secure data should consider an Access Control System.

  • Increase Safety - An Access Control System increases the safety of employees when entering a business. It is much faster to swipe a card than to fumble around for a key. Plus, keys are easily duplicated, while an access card is not.

  • Reduce Theft and Accidents - An Access Control System allows your business to give only approved or specially trained employees access to designated areas. For example, your business might want to limit who has access to a supply room, so you can keep better track of supplies. Or, your business might want to limit who has access to areas with hazardous chemicals or equipment so you can reduce the likelihood of an untrained employee being injured.

  • Save Energy and Money - Believe it or not, access control systems can be integrated with other building systems like lighting or even the heating and cooling system. The most advanced of these systems can tell exactly what areas of a building need light or even temperature adjustment at any given moment.

  • Multi-Location Access - For businesses with several locations or a campus of buildings, access control can help ensure managers and workers can travel from building to building or location to location with ease.


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