Before I was made the pastor at [omit] I was the pastor at [omit]. While assigned there it became necessary to update and modernize the sound and video system in the sanctuary to enhance our worship services.

A search of possible providers led me to Vision Concept Technology. A phone call resulted in them sending a technician who was well versed in the needs of a church and was able to design what we needed. I was very appreciative in the fact that he did not try to sell me equipment I didn’t need and utilized some of what I already had. He also listened intently to our vision and what the system would be used for. The installation was done with a minimum of disruption to our facility and never interfered with worship. Any problems or concerns were quickly addressed and we were very happy with the finished product.

When I was assigned to my present appointment we were again in need of such services and on a much grander scale. I didn’t hesitate to call Vision Concept Technology who again provided fast and professional services. They again listened to our concerns and addressed them all and the finished product was very useful and answered all our needs. The installer provided training for our technical people and even came to our worship services on Sunday a few weeks to make sure the system functioned properly and our people could operate it as designed. Anytime we have had a question or a concern they have been fast to respond to our calls or service and have rectified any glitches we have experienced. We have since used them again to make another upgrade and we will be looking at using them in the future to continue progressing as a church.

I have no reservations in recommending them to anyone who needs such services and would feel confident they would be as satisfied as I have been. They have progressed beyond providers and I now consider them to be friends as well.

Pastor Mike| House of Worship