BREAKING NEWS – In their ongoing effort to continually improve service and products, VisionCTS (VCTS) has further strengthened their relationship with Time Warner Communications (TWC) regarding network performance. When asked about these improvements, VCTS’s Lead Business Solution Engineer, Chad Brownfield, had this to say, “Several months ago we signed a peering agreement with TWC so that they would be our backup internet connection in our data center. We wanted to use them as a secondary provider to XO Communications (XO) in the event that the XO internet connection at the data center were to go down.” Chad further went on to explain how, in a simulated test, during an XO internet failure the TWC backup worked as designed.

In addition to redundancy, Chad further explained to us what this means to current and future customers of VCTS, “Most recently we have changed our agreement with TWC so that we are accepting something called partial routes. This allows VCTS to have a more direct route to our TWC customers. For example, before the change if we sent traffic from our data center to a TWC customer it would go out to XO and then to TWC via Chicago or New York. This could be 12-14 hops in the network and an average is 70 ms [latency time] to get there.” On the other hand, Chad describes the new situation, “Recently we made the configuration changes with TWC to implement the new routing. Now when we send traffic to a TWC customer it uses the TWC connection as a preferred route instead of the XO connection. We have reduced the hop count to 5-6 hops and the round trip time to 22-34 ms [latency time]. We did some testing today and the traffic never left the state.”

To sum things up, Chad tells us “At the end of the day, this will give us a better product to all our customers that are on TWC, but our voice customers should see the improvement most. Anyway, this is for sure a technical advantage, but also a major competitive advantage. Time will tell as to the exact improvements, but initial testing is very promising.”

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