Internet Fax Features

Vision eFax technology offers the advantage of eliminating the need of a dedicated fax machine as well as the additional fax telephone line.
Because of this, Vision eFax has replaced traditional faxing.


  • no hardware; no software
  • no extra telephone line required for fax
  • paperless communication, integrated with email
  • ability to store faxes online securely
  • ability to send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously
  • reduction in phone costs, along with lower costs than traditional fax
  • ability to send and receive faxes from any location that has Internet access
  • the ability to send and receive faxes from smartphone or other mobile device
This technology has so many advantages:
No fax machine – no maintenance, no paper, toner expenditure, possible repairs, etc.
Mobility – All interactions are done on the Web interface or email client; thus Vision eFax is available from any computer connected to Internet, everywhere in the world.
Confidentiality – The faxes are sent to the recipient’s email account, which is more private than a fax machine used by several people or located in a common area.
No installation of software or hardware required – the online portal or email client is used. Faxes continue to be received even while the device is powered off.