How does Vision CTS online fax work?

Easily send and receive faxes by email from any mobile device (with the ability to attach a tiff or PDF file) or computer. Vision CTS internet fax provides a fast, reliable e-fax service to locations all over the world.

  • Simple, reliable method to fax online
  • Send/receive faxes as email attachments
  • E-fax service available anywhere you have Internet access
  • Secure Internet fax service boasting high availability and up-time
  • Seamless and quick portability of fax numbers (local or otherwise)
  • Lifetime storage (subject to quota limit with online fax service but ability to download and archive locally)

How is faxing online with Vision CTS online fax services beneficial?

Gain Mobility – Send/receive faxes anywhere data access is available.
Choose Your Own Number – Get a local, toll-free or international fax number. Already have a fax number? Great! Let us port that over to our service. It’s quick and easy!
Privacy – e-fax messages are securely delivered directly into the email inbox of your choosing.
Increased Reliability – Eliminate stress of busy signals, paper jams and misplaced/spam faxes.
Greater Flexibility – Edit, highlight, sign and forward your faxes as you would any other PDF document or Tiff image.
Cost Savings – By cutting the added expense of fax machines, paper, toner & maintenance fees.

Do I need to purchase any special equipment?

With Vision CTS e-fax internet fax service, you only need Internet access, an email address and an e-fax account. Absolutely no need for special hardware/software, space consuming fax machines or extra cost of fax phone lines. Need suggestions for what to do with the old hardware? May we suggest this?

Is a local or toll-free fax number available with my new Internet fax accounts?

Vision CTS e-fax provides both local and toll-free fax numbers. In addition, existing fax numbers are quickly and easily ported without disruption to your efax service.

Will I get my own private fax number?

The fax number we issue will be uniquely assigned for your individual use and will function like any normal fax number for anyone who sends faxes to you.

I already have a fax number. Can I transfer it over to the Vision CTS online fax service?

Yes. We call it porting a number. If you have a fax number and would like to continue using it with your internet fax service, simply contact our sales department to discuss porting your number from your current telecommunications provider over to your new online fax account.

How do I actually send a Vision CTS Internet fax?

Open a browser of your choice (we recommend Google Chrome for a better experience)
Login to your personal online fax account via the Vision CTS fax portal
Attach the document you want to fax (Tiff or PDF format)
Hit “Send Fax”
You will receive a status confirmation right away!

How do I receive a fax with eFax internet fax service?

Your fax arrives as an email attachment – just click to open as you normally would and treat it like any other email. Or us the secure Vision CTS fax portal site to view, store, forward, your faxes online. To better understand how the service works, we recommend watching the Vision CTS e-fax demo.

Will my online faxes with Vision CTS e-fax remain confidential and secure?

Online faxing is much more private than an traditional fax machines shared by many employees in a public location. Internet fax enables employees to view their faxes privately, rather than having it sit on an open community fax machine. Vision CTS eFax secure fax servers boast high availability with close to a 100% up-time. This means no more annoying busy signals and a secure, encrypted delivery of your critical faxes. Chipotle no longer has an excuse as to why your order is not ready when you go to pick up!

What are the differences between the different price structures for Vision CTS Internet fax service?

With the basic plan, you enjoy:

  • premium online fax service
  • local or toll-free numbers
  • lifetime fax storage
  • 200 free pages (more generous than competitor offerings at this price point. Some competitors basic plan include only 10 incoming faxes per month without the ability to send any faxes.)

Contact a qualified agent if your requirements demand more volume than the basic plan covers.

I would like to sign up for the Vision CTS eFax service, how can I begin?

Simple! Just click HERE to contact us and a professional agent with be in contact with you shortly to discuss the ideal solution for you and the organization. It’s in everything we do: the right solution, guaranteed.

Will Vision CTS eFax send faxes to any machine?

Yes. You can send faxes to any fax machine in the US or internationally.

How long are the received faxes stored?

Faxes are saved in your online account until the quota is reached. All your faxes will also be saved indefinitely in your email inbox or can even be archived locally.

Does the fax number I use from Vision CTS online fax also receive phone calls?

Do you want it to make an omelet for you as well!? Joking aside, our Vision CTS VoIP service can be added to use your toll free or local number for fax and voice calls respectively. Vision CTS VoIP service is a complete communication solution for small to large businesses and individual professionals. For more information on this opportunity, view our product page.