These days, small businesses are faced with the tremendous challenge of maintaining their own network for consistent availability and productivity. In addition to a strain on resources, the lack of knowledge and expertise impedes the success of an in-house solution.  So here are 8 benefits to using our network monitoring services.

Network monitoring services are critical nowadays. Network failures and interruptions, server downtime, service or application crashes seriously threaten the profit of a business, costing countless dollars in revenue and production. With the use of network monitoring services, a small business can deliver a better service and reduce costs by fixing issues before any users notice a problem.  In many cases, the users or endpoints are the problem.  Determining which one(s) becomes the crucial task.

Benefits of Network Monitoring

Network Remediation

How many times has this happened? You get to work ready to have your most productive day ever only to find out the network is down. Now what?  If you were immediately notified regarding the occurrence of this failure, the time saved by being alerted immediately could have been used to bring in a backup system to remedy the failure.

Stay Informed

When utilizing real-time network monitoring, if a failure or interruption is identified, you can immediately be informed via a variety of methods.  Such examples include SMS, pager, emails or a network message.  You will be notified of any problem on your network, wherever you may be, thus allowing you to address the problem swiftly.

Pinpoint Diagnosis

Network monitoring locates the point of failure, saving you time and money when having to diagnose a problem. Case in point, a customer was unhappy with their Internet connection and immediately concluded it was the service. After installing a network monitoring service,  we were able to determine that a number of endpoints on the network were infected with a Remote Access Trojan and much of the bandwidth was utilized by traffic to Russia.

Knowledge is Power

Our network monitoring service allows you to study a persistent problem with a specific focus. For example, if particular hardware is constantly faulty, it may be the time to replace the hardware. The same would apply for a crashing service or application. Knowing that it is the service or application and not the network or hardware is 90% of troubleshooting headache .

Monitor Network Security

Small businesses spend a lot of resources on security.  Without a network monitoring service, its difficult to be certain that the security devices are up and functioning as expected  (see above). With network monitoring services, effective monitoring and managing of these critical security systems is possible.

Ensure Uptime

Network monitoring maximizes a network’s availability. When (not if) a failure is detected, immediate notification facilitates corrective action in an efficient manner.

Save Money

Network monitoring provides faster responses, identification of network concerns, elimination of the need for manual checking of event logs, backup systems, antivirus systems, hard disks and other devices. Having a network monitoring service also avoids the need of complex and expensive systems. All of which, facilitates cost saving and revenue gains.

Network Monitoring Reports

Spot trends in network performance or demonstrate the need for upgrades or replacements by documenting the otherwise unknown problems plaguing  the IT systems on your network.

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